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Friday, November 30, 2012

Another Ecstatic Weekend

Submitted by:- Minakshi Devi Dasi

We went on another two outings this past weekend during Prabhupada Marathon.
This past Friday November 23rdth we were at the Woodbine Banquet Hall for the HAONA Event and then on Sunday we were at Vaishno DeviTemple in Oakville.

The Friday event was fairly small with less than 300 people and many people that had already met us at other banquet hall events in the past few weeks.

One lady entered the foyer of the banquet hall and immediately came over, very pleased and joyful.  She began hugging me and telling me that she is on the board of directors of many community organizations and would love to have us come out to their events as well.  She happens to be a doctor with many connections that we can take advantage of to distribute more and more of Srila Prabhupada’s books.

A while later another I approached a woman who did listen with interest and looked at the Bhagavad Gita and then the Krishna book – she asked me which one she should take – I explained her that one is what Krishna spoke and one is about Krishna – she said that she has been thinking about the Lord for a few days and was thinking about getting some books but did not know where to go and here we are!  She took both books.

There was a huge extended family with sister-in-laws, husbands etc.  Radhapriya spoke to one, Vicky another, Jessica another and me the other.  Each of them was very interested and happily took a selection of Hidden Glory of India, Srimad Bhagavatam Condensed, Illustrated Bhagavatam Stories and more. 

Over 80 books were distributed at this event.

On Sunday we went to Oakville where we had kirtan and as well as a lecture by Subhavilasa Prabhu.  The congregation was very happy. They do not get to hear philosophy on a regular basis so this was refreshing and insightful for them.

One lady spoke to Ashalata devi dasi for a long time and just could not stop her enthusiasm for the chanting, the lecture, the books, etc. She took a Bhagavad Gita and a small book and exchanged her contact information.

I approached a teenager and showed him the Krishna book – he really liked it and showed it to his father.  His father made him promise that he would read the entire book and then agreed to take it. Another lady decided to take 2 Bhagavad Gitas as holiday gifts for her 20 and 21 year old sons.

A small girl of about 6 saw the kids books and desperately wanted it.  The mother was being very reluctant.  Finally Mother Ashalata told her that if your daughter wanted to buy a candy from the store you would buy it so why not buy this that the girl really wants and is more valuable.  She took 3 kids books.

There are so many more stories, so much nectar, but so little space….By the mercy of Srila Prabhupada over 80 books were distributed here as well. 

For the weekend, over 160 Books were distributed and about $800 collected.  Jaya Srila Prabhupada!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Non-Stop Sankirtan

By Minakshi Devi Dasi

This past Sunday November 18th we had the opportunity to do two events in one day – the daytime was Vishnu Mandir in Richmond Hill and the evening was a Diwali Event at Versailles Banquet Hall.  So the Sankirtan day began at about 9 am and continued until about 12 midnight!  The sankirtan warriors for this day were myself, my daughter Radhapriya, Mayur Prabhu, Vicky Prabhu and Jessica Mataji.

Our first stop was at the Vishnu Mandir where they were holding their regular Sunday program plus their Diwali Celebration. We were able to setup a table in their lobby and even as we were unpacking the boxes, people were coming by with interest.

One girl looked at the Krishna Book and Bhagavad Gita and after being explained about both books wanted them.  Her mother was a little reluctant – will you really read them and so on – the girl was adamant and the mother purchased both books much to the delight of the girl who held on to them tightly.  There were actually a few kids who loved the Krishna Book and thus had the parent take them.

Adjacent to our table was another table where a young white lady was promoting a not for profit endeavor.  She looked bored so I went to her and spoke about spiritual yoga and showed her 3 of our smaller books including Spiritual Yoga, Consciousness - The Missing Link and Topmost Yoga System.  I told her to just look them over as she sits at her table.

A little while later I followed up with her and she was very excited – she said her husband grew up a Christian but as a teenager gave it up because he was not getting answers and both of them have taken a step back – these books look like exactly what they have been searching for.  She ended up taking 5 books.

We finished at Vishnu Mandir having distributed 120 books.

On we went to the Banquet Hall with a short stopover at Vicky Prabhu’s house for some rest and rejuvenation. 

Here our book distribution started very slowly but we did not give up.  Eventually, by the mercy of Srila Prabhupada things picked up.

One lady that took a Bhagavad Gita happened to be a Crown Prosecutor that is involved in murder trials – she said “I need something spiritual to help me.”

A professor from Nairobi that we met at an event a few weeks ago happened to be at this event and was excited to see us again.  Another fellow who saw us at another event invited us to come out to an event this Friday that is hosted by an organization that he is the Chairman of.   When I took his name and number and gave him my name – he said I already know you – I know you and your family from the temple since you were a little girl.

We distributed books to all bodies – white, brown and black, to government officials and to Sikhs – many took Bhagavad Gitas.  We distributed a total of 100 books at the Banquet Hall.

Although it was a long day, we were having such a Sankirtan rush and experiencing much nectar!

Final results for Sunday’s efforts – over 220 Books and over $1100 Laxmi Collected.  Jaya Srila Prabhupada!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Glorious Gerrard Street Sankirtan

Submitted by:- Minakshi dd
Our weekend of Ecstatic Book Distribution continued on Sunday November 11th where we did Sankirtan on Gerrard Street.  By the mercy of Srila Prabhupada, we were able to get permission to setup a table in front of one of the clothing retailers.

As we were setting up we noticed a puja store adjacent to the clothing store and predicted trouble! 
About 20 minutes later the owner of the puja store came out and was asking “who gave you permission, you can’t be here” and proceeded to admonish the clothing store owner about it.  With Krishna’s mercy the clothing store owner said - yes, what is wrong? – he did indeed give permission – they are the Hare Krishnas – leave them alone.  So our angry puja store owner just stomped away.

Later on in the evening, Subhavilasa Prabhu came by and decided to go into the puja store and speak to the man – it turned out that Subhavilasa Prabhu knows this man’s brother for years.  The brother assisted the temple back in the 70’s. Subhavilasa Prabhu was able to not only soften the owner up but he ended up taking 9 books!

There were many stories from this event and I will relate a few quickly:

Jessica Mataji was speaking to a family and they purchase a couple of books and took a temple card.  They ended up coming to the temple that very same evening, spoke to Indresh Prabhu and took sweet boxes and more books – so instant reaction!

I approached a young couple and said Happy Diwali and showed them the Bhagavad Gita. They said that just two minutes ago as they were walking down the street they were thinking of getting something spiritual – they each took a Bhagavad Gita – just see how Krishna knows people’s hearts.

Ashalata Devi Dasi came by later in the evening and immediately began pumping out Krishna Books and Bhagavad Gitas both Hindi and English – one man, an Ismaili, listened to her about the Krishna book and said this looks interesting – I WILL read it and quickly took out his wallet to pay.

Final results for Sunday’s efforts – 150 Books, $502 Laxmi Collected, countless nectar, and many thanks to all who helped – Jaya Srila Prabhupada!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ecstatic Weekend of Book Distribution – Diwali Event

Submitted by Minakshi dd

This weekend we had the opportunity to do Sankirtan not only on Saturday but also on Sunday. So two days of Sankirtan in the service of Srila Prabhupada!

This is a recap of Saturday’s event:

We went to a Banquet Hall in Mississauga where they were holding a Diwali Celebration.  We were able to secure a table in the lobby and immediately put up a huge poster of Srila Prabupada along with a variety of books. 

Beside us was a vendor selling saris – the name of her store happened to be “Maya” so we were joking among ourselves – “Do you want Krishna or Maya?” Of course we saw that people (especially the women) were all hovering around the sari table – Maya! 

Not only that, inside the hall, the music was blaring, the lights were pulsing, people were drinking and eating meat. But the Sankirtan devotees – Vicky Prabhu, Mayur Prabhu, Jessica Mataji, myself and my daughter Radhapriya stayed in the lobby and kept preaching and distributing books.  Our thoughts were on how Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda dealt with Jagai and Madhai. We are insignificant compared to this example. 

Final results for Saturday’s efforts – 116 Books including several Bhagavad Gitas and Krishna Books and $534 Laxmi Collected – Jaya Srila Prabhupada!