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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April Book Club - Science of Self-Realization

The Book Club initiative is going strong for the past several months now. The book club "book" for the month of April is the Science of Self-Realization.  In order to complete the book in the month of April, you have to read about 10 pages a day! If you are late to join in, No Problem :), we welcome you to sign-up for our daily email quotes, so you stay connected! To register for the book club,email us!

The objective of the book club is to facilitate and encourage readings from the wonderful philosophy of Krishna consciousness. We encourage you to participate! 

A little something about the book:-

In this book you will discover the timeless science that great teachers have spoken for millennia. The Science of Self Realization opens up the secrets of the self within, nature and the universe and the Supreme Self within and without. 

Here the world's most distinguished teacher of the science of self-realization talks about meditating and practicing yoga in the modern age, gaining liberation from the law of Karma, achieving superconsciousness, and much more. 

In all the interviews, lectures, essays, and letters chosen for this special book, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada speaks with startling clarity and power. He proves just how relevant the science of self-realization is to today's world and our own life.

Pick up your copy at the next Sunday Feast!

Tuesday Sanga - Mid-Week Recharge

Re-launched in January, the Tuesday Sanga's have been going strong for the past almost four months now. These sanga's  as an intimate gathering, focussed on facilitating an environment for sravanam (hearing) and kirtanam (chanting), in the association of fellow devotees.

Some of the exciting activities planned for these Weekly Sangas include:
  • One round of Japa (chanting on beads) together
  • Reading one chapter of Bhagavad-Gita together
  • Doing kirtan together
  • Honouring prasadam together
  • Realizations from the "Book of the month"
  • Street Harinam (summer)
  • And more...

Everyone is welcome to participate. Please join us and check it out for yourself - a little re-charge in the middle of the week!

Every Tuesday 6:30-8:30 pm (Prasad Served at 8:30)
Hare Krsna Temple
243 Avenue Road; Toronto