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Thursday, January 27, 2011

First MSF of 2011 - This Saturday!!!

This Saturday, Jan 29th marks Toronto's 20th consecutive Monthly Sankirtan Festival (MSF) and the first MSF of 2011!!! It is also the most auspicious day of Ekadasi! These group sankirtan endeavours allow us to participate in the most joyful process of sharing Krsna Consciousness with the people in Toronto.

As you know, our goal for 2011 is to distribute 35,000 books, of which at least 3,000 books are targeted through MSFs. On this Ekadasi special MSF we are targeting to get at least 25 devotees and distribute at least 100 books. This is only possible if more and more devotees participate. Every single bit helps. There is as much service as you like, help out with packing prasad or books, driving devotees, counting laxmi, join the harinam party, distribute prasad or hand out books - there is something for everyone.

Please RSVP to help us plan better, and dress WARMER than you think you'll need to (gloves, caps, shoes and multiple layers).

January 29th, Saturday MSF Schedule
4:30-7:30am Mangal Arti, Japa, deity greetings, Guru puja
7:45-9:00am Bhagavatam Class
9:00-10:00am Breakfast in association of devotees
10-10:45am Training - building the right mood
11:00am-2:00pm Street Sankirtan
2:00-2:30pm Maha-Harinama
2:30pm Lunch Prasad at the temple

Here is some more inspiration from Vaisesika prabhu:
"Human life is not for working hard for bodily maintenance, but for reawakening our eternal relationship with the Lord and then going back to Godhead. All this can be achieved by acts of divine sacrifice. The best sacrifice is to please the pure devotee. Fortunately for us, we¹ve been given that chance. Srila Prabhupada has left us with as much service as we like if we like. It is entirely up to us. Let us be bold in his service. Think big. Don't hold back. Go Go Go!"

We look forward to a Sankirtan-filled 2011 in your association.